Something Sweet

From Aug ’06 Spotlight: Two Israeli films will play in downtown Chicago this month, whetting our appetites for the two-week “Chicago Festival of Israeli Films” scheduled for September. First up is Saint Clara, a 1996 feature directed by Ari Folman and Ori Sivan. Saint Clara is set in a high school named after Golda Meir, and Golda’s famous image, which is everywhere, becomes the favored target of mildly subversive student attacks. There’s nothing subtle here; the film’s just a gently amusing teen comedy. Next comes 2004’s romance Something Sweet (Mashehu Matok) directed by Dan Turgeman (who also plays the lead). Both are perfect choices for low-key summer evenings.

The Saint Clara screening, scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 2, is part of the City of Chicago’s “Sister Cities International Films Series.” For additional information, click HERE

The Something Sweet screening, scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 30, is part of Cinema/Chicago’s “International Summer Screenings Program.” For additional information, click HERE.

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