Hiam Abbass Chat

Hiam Abbass, one of my favorite actresses, came to Chicago in October 2005, to lead the Q&A after a Chicago International Film Festival screening of her new film FREE ZONE. Since I’d already seen FREE ZONE twice by the time she arrived, Hiam graciously accepted my dinner invitation, and we had a leisurely chat about her career, before returning upstairs for the Q&A.


Jan: You live in Paris now, Hiam, but where did you grow up?

Hiam: I was born in Nazareth. I grew up in a village in the north of Israel, and then I went to study in Haifa for three years. After I moved to Jerusalem, I spent four years working in a theater, went back to Haifa for another theater, then in ’88 I left the country, because I wanted to get fresh air. So I went to London, and from there I got to Paris.

Click HERE to read complete chat with Hiam Abbass at FILMS FOR TWO.

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