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Julie Delpy made her film debut at age 14 in a Godard’s DETECTIVE (released in 1985), and she’s been a successful actress ever since. But for years now she’s been yearning for more, and the success of Richard Linklater’s 2004 sequel BEFORE SUNSET (for which she shared screenwriting credit) opened new doors. In 2 DAYS IN PARIS, she not only stars and directs but also wrote the screenplay, helped produce, composed some of the music, and contributed some of the still photography. Jan met Julie when she came to Chicago in late July for a Press Day at the Four Seasons Hotel.2 DAYS IN PARIS is scheduled to open in limited release on August 10, 

with wider release scheduled two weeks later on August 24th.

Jan: Julie, tell me about the evolution of your character “Marion” in your new film 2 DAYS IN PARIS, and about Marion’s relationship with “Jack” (Adam Goldberg). In your mind, how has all this evolved from the relationship “Celine,” your character in BEFORE SUNRISE and BEFORE SUNSET, had with “Jesse” (Ethan Hawke).

Julie: Well, Marion, she started off as a fish and then she came out of the water. It’s kind of the same thing for Jack; a little different though, different plumbing…

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