2 Days In Paris

From Aug ’07 Spotlight: Adventurous film lovers can find a wealth of buried treasures this month. First up is The Treatment, a new romantic comedy by Oren Rudavsky…

On the other hand, there’s no mistaking Adam Goldberg aka The Hebrew Hammer, “the Jewish guy” on the Saving Private Ryan team. A seasoned second banana, Goldberg has his best role to date partnering beautiful writer/director/star Julie Delpy in her new film 2 Days in Paris. “Marion,” Delpy’s character, is built on themes developed in Before Sunset (for which she received an Oscar nomination in 2005). Here she’s given herself a love object, “Jack,” worthy of all her keenly self-observed complexities. I laughed, I cried, I loved every minute.

On the heavy side, keep watch for Day Night Day Night

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