Andrea Jill Higgins

From Nov ’07 Spotlight: Congregation Kol-Ami has a very special program planned for Saturday, November 17. Originally the South Shore Temple (founded in 1922), Kol-Ami moved to its Water Tower location in 1976. In honor of their 85th year, the congregation has commissioned Andrea Jill Higgins to write liturgical music which will be performed in the Thorne Auditorium on Chicago Avenue and Lake Shore Drive beginning at 7:30 PM. Eleven cantors from all across metro Chicago will perform alongside Kol-Ami’s cantorial soloist Leslie Newcorn and the Kol-Ami choir. Higgins will conduct her own compositions as well as familiar prayers and beloved sacred music.

“The Crown of a Good Name,” Higgins’ newest piece, is based on text from Proverbs and Pirkei Avot (“The Ethics of Our Fathers”) that was specifically selected by members of the Kol-Ami congregation. Newcorn told me she was “filled with emotion the first time she heard it.” She loved the way Higgins had “transformed the text we gave her,” and she also admitted that it was the first time she’s ever sung anything “created for my voice.”

For more information, visit or call (312) 664-4775.

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