Hubris’ Torch Song Trilogy

From Aug ’08 Spotlight: Victory Gardens is also hosting the Hubris Productions revival of Harvey Fierstein’s play Torch Song Trilogy, which won two Tony Awards when it opened on Broadway in 1982. According to actress Susan Adler (cast in the role of an archetypical Jewish Mother): “The tragedy of Ma and Arnold is that they really love each other, but Arnold expects Ma to understand and accept his lifestyle because she’s his mother, while Ma wants Arnold to have the life she’s dreamed for him.”

“This play was way ahead of its time,” Susan told me. “I’d like to think that today Ma would be accepting of Arnold and proud of his accomplishments.”

Torch Song Trilogy runs from July 31 through September 7. To order tickets for TST and/or any of the Theatre Or performances, call the VG Box Office at (773) 871-3000 or visit

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