Office Tigers

From May ’08 Spotlight: In December, 2006, the Sundance Channel broadcast a fascinating 4-part series called Office Tigers. Although not yet available for purchase, members of Netfilx can now rent it as a re-edited 90-minute documentary. Director Liz Mermin has crafted an intimate look at globalization focusing on the creation of an outsourcing behemoth called Office Tigers in Chennai, India. (The film ends with the announcement that R.R. Donnelley & Sons is planning to purchase the start-up for $250 million cash.)

Mermin, currently working in London, sent me the following thoughts by e-mail: “Office Tigers is no doubt the only major international company in Southern India founded and run by two nice Jewish boys from New York. CEO Joe Sigelman was a walking cultural study for his enthusiastic and curious employees, most of whom had never seen a Jew in their lives. It was clear to me that they found his business chutzpah inspiring.”

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