Celebrating Our Many Voices

From June ’10 Spotlight: Ashe Emet Synagogue on North Broadway will host a concert on Monday June 14 organized by the Women Cantors Network. Beginning with a nucleus of twelve in 1982, WCN has grown into an international organization of over 300.

The theme for this year’s annual conference, the first one coordinated by Chicago members, is “Diversity: Celebrating Our Many Voices” (Kolot M’guvanim). Songs will be performed in English, Hebrew, Ladino, and Yiddish, featuring special guests Alberto Mizrahi and the Beth Shalom B’nai Zaken Ethiopian Hebrew Congregation choir. I went to a preview performance and the music was glorious.

To purchase tickets, contact Raquel Johnson at (773) 868-5125 or visit: http://www.AnsheEmet.org/?p=4073.

Photo Credits: Geri Zeller

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