RP Season Finale

Royal Pains just ended its second season with an episode called “Open up Your Yenta Mouth & Say Ah,” in which Hank makes fun of a new patient named “AJ” by calling her a “Yenta Mouth.”

The implication is that even though AJ is a gossipy widow, team HankMed should just indulge her because she’s a paying customer.  In the end, the joke is on Hank: AJ is not who she appears to be.  But adopting the “Yenta persona” has allowed AJ to slip thru Hank’s defense shield.

A sheynem dank to the Royal Pains writers.  I’m sure Bea Arthur is looking down from above right now with a big smile on her face!

Top photo (1964): Bea Arthur as Fiddler’s very first Yente.

Bottom photo: Rena Sofer as “AJ” in Season #2 Finale.

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