2010 Jeff Noms

From the Chgo Tribune

Nominations for the 2010 Jeff Equity Awards (“Celebrating Excellence in Chicago Theatre“) were announced yesterday, & Tayere Khaverim: It was a good year for the Jews!!!


Drury Lane Oakbook’s fabulous production of Ragtime was the leader with 11 nominations closely followed by their dazzling production of Cabaret with 7 nominations.  Since I was really high on both these productions (interviewing both directors for my JUF News columns), I’m thrilled!


I’m also thrilled to report that Rebecca Finnegan was nominated for her portrayal of “Yente the Matchmaker” in Marriott Lincolnshire’s Fiddler.  I’ve told everyone who would listen that Finnegan is the best Yente I’ve ever seen!!!

I’ve never gone to a Jeff Awards ceremony before but who knows… this year I just might 🙂
My Ragtime Rave!
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