Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema 

From Oct ’10 Spotlight:

Ruth (TV Drama): When “Ruth” (a religious teenager played by luminous Lucy Dubinchik from Saint Clara) first meets photojournalist “Erez” (Liron Livo) on the beach, she doesn’t realize he already knows her family story and has deliberately chosen her as the subject of his news piece. The unfolding drama vividly depicts the evacuation of Israel’s Gaza Strip settlements.

Awareness of what has happened in Gaza since 2005 drapes the film in additional sadness, yet whatever your political views, you can’t help but be touched by the human cost to all involved.

CFIC Screening #1: Mon Oct 25 @ 8:30 PM (Northbrook)

CFIC Screening #2: Thurs Oct 28 @ 3:00 PM (Northbrook)

Lucy Dubinchik

Photo courtesy of CFIC.

Note that 10/25 is the “WITASWAN Screening” honoring Ruth’s director (Keren Abitan) & screenwriter (Inbar David-Noar).

Screening will be proceeded by a fundraiser for Youth Aliyah programs sponsored by Chicago Hadassah’s Gibora Group.

Click HERE for my 10/25 Handout: My5YearsHandout

Click HERE to learn more about WITASWAN (“wit-uh=swan”): Women in the Audience Supporting Women Artists Now.

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