Esther Blueburger

Meanwhile way far away in Adelaide, Australia (miles away from Sydney on the southern coast), a girl prepares for her Bat Mitzvah, or in her pronunciation: “My Bu’Mizzvuh.”  Who knew?  Melbourne, of course, but Adelaide?  So nu, why not?

But aside from the fact that the local toughs all have a touch of Maori blood, Hey Hey It’s Esther Blueburger is a ditzy coming-of-age tale that could be set anywhere in Greater Ashkenaziland.

Esther is your archetypical good Jewish girl; she’s very bright & quick-witted, with a keen eye & a sharp tongue; inquisitive, adventurous, & cute.  Someone, alas, who is always on the outside–the opposite of all the other girls in the “In Crowd.”

Esther’s best friend is a tiny duckling.  She calls it “Normal,” always knowing in her heart that this ugly duckling will never become a swan.  But will Esther herself become a swan someday?  For sure!   Most gals (of all ages) will enjoy this film, but guys?  Probably not so much… 

Danielle Catanzariti plays “Esther”

Click HERE to read review by Ruth Hessey in TimeOutSidney.

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