The Jewish Channel is now offering Joe Cedar’s Oscar-nominated film Beaufort in its “Feature Film” category.  Beaufort is quite simply one of the most important combat films ever made in any language, & I strongly urge you to see it.

In October 2004, I met with Joe when he came to show his film Campfire at our Chicago International Film Festival.  We met for well over an hour, during which time he told me how the character of “Rafi” in Campfire (played by Oshri Cohen) was transforming into a character in his his new film –> the character that became “Liraz”  (also played by Oshri Cohen) in Beaufort. 

So I waited for this new film for years, and when it finally came, it was definitely worth the wait!

Click HERE to read my 2004 chat with with Joe.

Click HERE to read my review of Beaufort. 

And TODAH RABAH once again to The Jewish Channel for consistently offering such great viewing options!

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