The Holy Land Revealed

From March ’11 Spotlight:

Stuck inside during February’s “snowpocalypse”, my husband and I turned to The Teaching Company, spending many happy hours learning about the Dead Sea Scrolls from Jodi Magness, one of their newest professors. The Holy Land Revealed is the first set of lectures I’ve done on DVD. (The other three Teaching Company courses I’ve written about in this column were CD sets.)

Magness, the Kenan Distinguished Professor for Teaching Excellence in Early Judaism at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, began her archeological studies as an undergraduate at Hebrew University, and she is currently planning a new dig in the northern Galilee near Capernaum and Migdal. She is an engaging guide, and I’m sure her 36 lectures (filled with diagrams, maps, and field photos) will be interesting any time of year. To order your set, visit:

Model of Ancient Jerusalem

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