Theatre Wit’s Conviction

From Tzivi’s Feb ’11 Spotlight:

Conviction, one of the plays presented by the Victory Gardens Biograph as part of its OnStageIsrael Festival in 2008, returns to Chicago for a three-week run at Theatre Wit on Belmont beginning Feb. 3.

Written by Oren Neeman and directed by Kevin Hart, Conviction is a one-man play based on Yonatan Ben Nachum’s novel Confessions. Ami Dayan stars in two roles: he plays Spanish priest Andrés González (1447-1486) as well as an Israeli scholar who finds letters written by Gonzalez while doing research in Madrid. Scenes set in the 1400s were more compelling than scenes set in the 1960s, but Conviction is certainly worth seeing.

For tickets call (773) 975-8150, or visit:

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