AJEC “Yente”

From Yente to Yenta: How a Name became a Noun

A presentation to the Adult Jewish Education Cooperative

Hosted by Congregation Or Shalom of Vernon Hills (IL)


Mah nish tanah ha performance ha zeh?

Every time I set off to see a new production of Fiddler on the Roof, the thing I most want to know is:

Mah nish tanah ha performance ha zeh?

How is THIS performance different from all other performances?

So, nu?  What can be different?  Oy, let me count the ways!  In this presentation we’re just going to focus on one character: “Yente the Matchmaker.”  Who is Yente?  How has she been portrayed over the years?  Why should YOU care?

Click on link to download lecture slides as a pdf: 11Nov16YenteAJEC

With coordinator Barbara Krupp (l)

Note: This is an update & reworking of multiple programs presented to the Chicago YIVO Society, ORT Urban Women, & several local Hadassah chapters between Aug 2010 & Apr 2011. Kudos to Brigid Presecky for creating the PowerPoint files that allowed me to link words & images with lyrics & audio files. Now Yente is finally able to fully “speak” on her own behalf 🙂

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