Hip-Hop Miri

From March ’12 Spotlight: Last month, I told you how much I loved Miri Ben-Ari’s CD The Trip to Beautiful. So with mellow jazz in mind, I headed to her concert at Lincoln Hall in February.

But what a surprise-Ben-Ari has now transformed herself into a hip-hop artist, using her dazzling violin skills in the service of new beats that culminated in an intense encore number called nothing less than “The Ten Commandments!”

This talented young woman is also the founder and CEO of “Gedenk” (the Yiddish word for “remember”) which creates PSA’s using the tag line “The Holocaust happened to people like us.”

Read more about Ben-Ari in Jenna Benn’s article for Oy!Chicago.

Lincoln Hall (2/9/12)

Thanks to John Broughton for use of his fabulous photo (which I found on Facebook!). Here’s the full credit: Jazz photography © John Broughton E-Mail:  dinandriver@gmail.com Phone: 847.942.5271

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