Varian Fry?

AtTrialMargarethe von Trotta’s new film Hannah Arendt resurrects two old controversies. The first is about Hannah Arendt’s relationship with Martin Heidegger. The second is about her relationship with Varian Fry. Click HERE for more on Martin Heidegger. Thoughts about Varian Fry are below.

Hannah Arendt opens Friday (8/16) in Metro Chicago. Click HERE for our FF2 Haiku. Click HERE for my review of  Hannah Arendt from the Feminist perspective.


Barbara Sukowa stars as “Hannah Arendt.”

Photo Credits:  Véronique Kolber/Zeitgeist Films.

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    • Grace
    • August 21, 2013

    I so much want to read your thoughts about journalist Fry so I looked “below” and there was nothing. Where are your thoughts? I’ll try Heidegger next; I once wrote a paper in college about the existentialists.

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