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Mazel Tov Shemi!

The World is Funny, the third feature written & directed by Israeli filmmaker Shemi Zarhin, is the winner of the first annual BEVIE AWARD for Best Feature of 2013 from the Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema. It gives me tremendous pleasure to make this announcement because The World is Funny was my own Top Pick in the […]



Tzivi reviews CBGB SPECIAL FOR THE JUF NEWS Ages ago, when I was a Girl Scout, I used to love Nature Walks in the woods. Pick up a big rock and all the critters living underneath it would scurry around in the sudden sunlight. Some of the bugs and worms were gross, of course, but […]


CFIC 2013: Tzivi’s Guide

Click HERE to see my list of Top Picks for CFIC 2013 🙂 Tzivi’s Guide to the 2013 Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema By JAN LISA HUTTNER SPECIAL FOR THE JUF NEWS Films have a long lifecycle. Before a new film can make its way onto our Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema (CFIC) schedule, people […]