Aftermath (NYC)

Opens today in NYC & next Fri in LA. Click HERE for complete screening schedule.

POKLOSIE REZ. WLADYSLAW PASIKOWSKIFranek (Ireneusz Czop) has been living in the USA for many years, but when he learns his brother Jozek (Maciej Stuhr) is in trouble, Franek reluctantly returns to his Polish village & together the brothers uncover painful truths about traumatic events during WWII. Loosely based on Neighbors (the revelatory book by Jan Gross.)

Click HERE for our FF2 Haiku. Highly recommended by Jan. (JLH: 4.5/5) Not yet seen by Rich.

Full review will be posted in my “Tzivi’s Cinema Spotlight” column on JUF Online in January when Aftermath opens in Chicago.


Top Photo: “Jozek” (Maciej Stuhr) starts planting something new in his father’s fields.

Bottom Photo: “Franek” (Ireneusz Czop) searches for answers, but finds only hostility from his suspicious neighbors.

Photo Credits: Menemsha Films

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