Celebrating FIDDLER’s 50th!

JLH2014September 22, 2014: And the sun rose like it was any other “normal” day, oblivious to the fact that I have been working towards this particular day for a decade.

So here it is, September 22, 2014, the 50th Anniversary of the day Fiddler on the Roof made it’s Broadway debut, and I now have an eBook live on Kindle 🙂

No, I wasn’t able to do all of the things I wanted to do by this date–who knew way back when that I would be leaving Chicago & moving to Brooklyn in 2012–but it is a start. And I live in hope of publishing a full print book timed to May 13, 2016, which will be Sholem Aleichem’s 100th Yahrzeit.

Early in my consulting career, one of my mentors said to me: “Jan, when you work for me, your work must either be on time or perfect. And since nothing is ever ‘perfect,’ I suggest you shoot for ‘on time.’”

In this case, I am on time, and for right now that is good enough for me. My father always said: “Jan, you just keep on keepin’ on.” I will, Daddy, I will.

So before we all move on “from Gold to Diamond,” one last thanks to so many of you who helped me realize my dream.

Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy new year,


Shannah Tovah to All!

Tevye’s Daughters: No Laughing Matter (with 26 illustrations) is now available on Amazon:


Cartoon: © Sharon Rosenzweig

Cover Design: © Melissa A. Wilks

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    • Fran Dvorkin
    • September 22, 2014

    Dear Tzivi,
    Mazel Tov to You.

  1. Mazl Tov & brukhes far a naye yor!

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