CFIC ’15: Top Picks

Here is my list of TOP PICKS for this year’s 2015 Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema (CFIC)

Best New Filmmakers: Lee Gilat for Encirclements
Best New Star: Naruna Kaplan De Macedo of Is That You?
Best Feature Film: The Farewell Party
Best Screenplay: Is That You?
Best Documentary: Silicon Wadi
Best Actor: Ze’ev Revach of The Farewell Party
Best Actress: Assi Levy of Encirclements
Best Supporting Actress: Levana Finkelstein of The Farewell Party
Best Supporting Actor: Lior Ashkenazi of Encirclements

The 2015 Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema (CFIC) opens Wednesday Oct. 28 and runs through Sunday Nov. 8.

This year, the CFIC team has also added a bonus day on Sunday Nov. 15 at the Marcus Chicago Heights Cinema (a new venue for khaverim in the South Suburbs).

For a complete schedule (including information on ticket purchases), visit the CFIC website.

Click HERE to read my full post in the October issue of the JUF News.

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