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Full Title = Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict Director Lisa Immordino Vreeland examines the life of the great Peggy Guggenheim, an American Jewish woman at the forefront of both the European and American modern art movements. Told in chronological order, the film documents the journey of a woman ahead of her time, willing to risk everything […]


CFIC ’15: Sweet Home Chicago

11/3/15: With Cindy Stern​ at the 2015 CFIC. Taking a break during our marathon screening of “The Amsalem Trilogy” (To Take a Wife, Shiva and Gett). Grueling, yes, but this was such a powerful experience that I can only hope to do it again someday 🙂 The audiences for all three screenings–even To Take a Wife at […]


CFIC ’15: The Gett Trilogy

The 10th annual Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema begins this week, and as regular readers already know, I will be flying in from Brooklyn to participate in a special screening of The Gett Trilogy on Tuesday, Nov. 3. This is something of a high-risk venture for the CFIC, because the initial release of Gett: The […]