How to Say I Love You in Thirty Languages

LOVE CoverFrom Apr ’06 Spotlight: Sharon Rosenzweig and Aaron Freeman have just released an adorable new book called How to Say I Love You in Thirty Languages, and they will be signing copies at numerous local venues in the next few months. Sharon received her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she is now an instructor. She shows her work locally at Gallery 60035 in Highland Park and at Street Level Gallery in Highwood, and her paintings and prints have also been featured at galleries in Michigan and New York. Aaron is a popular Jewish stand-up comedian and go-to humorist for Chicago Public Radio, who performs frequently with Chicago’s famous Second City troupe.

Sharon also submitted four cartoons to the Israeli Jewish Anti-Semitic Cartoon Contest, a contest running concurrently with local Chicagoan Ed Margolis’ “Fight Hate with Humor” contest sponsored by the World Union of Jewish Students. (Both Jewish contests started in reaction to recent hate cartoons emanating from Iran.) Sharon told me she decided to enter the fray after she heard an interview on NPR’s Fresh Air in February. This is “a war of ink instead of blood,” she said, and she was eager to enlist.

To see samples of Sharon’s work, visit: For a list of Aaron’s latest gigs, visit:


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