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 From Dec ’07 Spotlight:  “An Evening with Alan and Marilyn Bergman” (October 27) was a total delight. Award-winning lyricists, the Bergmans received their first Oscar for writing “The Windmills of Your Mind” (from the 1968 version of The Thomas Crown Affair), but they are best-known for their work with Barbra Streisand… I had the chance to interview the Bergmans in their suite at the Talbot Hotel before the program. On our way up the elevator, I told Alan that of all their songs, my own personal favorite was “It Might Be You” from Tootsie (1982). He laughed and told me that he and Marilyn were always surprised when people asked their permission to include it in their wedding ceremony. “It MIGHT be you?” he marveled. “How can you play THAT at your wedding?” Mostly however, we discussed Yentl…

Jan: So, YENTL

Alan: So?

Jan: So, here’s what I remember. My sister was living in Japan when YENTL came out, & I was just so overwhelmed the first time I saw it. I remember sitting at a tape recorder reading my sister the whole NEWSWEEK review, with tears streaming down my cheeks as I read it to her.

And I can honestly say that many of the things I’m doing today have directly to do with what happened later—specifically the fact that Barbra Streisand wasn’t nominated for a “Best Director” Oscar!!! Not even nominated??? That was the birth of “me” as a Feminist film person; I’m serious. 

Marilyn: Believe me, I understand. 

Alan: Great piece of work.

Click HERE to read complete interview with Alan & Marilyn Bergman (with lyrics & Yentl pix) on FILMS FOR TWO.

Photo Credit: JLH

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