Pitching Penguins

From Feb ’08 Spotlight: I went to a raw rehearsal space on North Lincoln Avenue one snowy night to watch a bit of the new play Pitching Penguins, which opens at the Victory Gardens Greenhouse on February 8. Pitching Penguins was created by Michael Rosenbaum and David Brimm, two buddies living out the dream of watching actors embody their words on stage.

Michael is a specialist in Investor Relations while Dave is a Public Relations pro. They work for sister organizations in adjoining offices, and for years they’ve been kibitzing over lunch, trying to win the “can you beat this” contest. Now they’ve created their own theater company (Flaxen for “flacks”), and written a play that pokes fun at crazy clients, dimwitted bosses, and intramural competition in the modern American workplace.

Michael and Dave are quick to acknowledge the incredible support they’ve received from Chicago’s vibrant independent theater community, with special thanks to their mentor Alan Chambers at the Theatre Building on Belmont. Friends from all around metro Chicago will be coming to support these affable guys during Penguin’s six week run (including large groups from Dave’s congregation Aitz Hayim in Highland Park and Michael’s congregation Beth Judea in Long Grove), so don’t wait too long if you want to order tickets. For more information, visit www.victorygardens.org or call the box office: (773) 871-3000.

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