Abraham Joshua Heschel

From May ’08 Spotlight:Susannah Heschel, the daughter of Abraham Joshua Heschel and a highly-accomplished scholar in her own right, began a speaking tour last year in honor of her father’s 100th birthday. Nextbook has scheduled a stop for her on Thursday, May 29 at the Women’s Club of Evanston.

Born in Warsaw in 1907, Abraham Joshua Heschel was a world-renown theologian as well as a prominent activist in both the civil rights and antiwar movements. When I called Susannah at her office at Dartmouth College for more details, she told me: “We are very preoccupied as Jews with a lot of worries. We’re all worried about anti-Semitism and the security of the State of Israel. We’re still haunted by the Holocaust. So I think sometimes we also need moments of inspiration. My father’s work gives people a sense of joy in being Jewish, lifts us up so we can remember what we stand for as Jews.”

For tickets, visit www.nextbook.com or call Chicago coordinator Abigail Pickus at 312.747.4074.

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    • Ruth
    • February 15, 2014

    I just started reading Abraham Herschel’s book, The Sabbath, and I LOVE, love, love it’s profundity and joyous spirituality. So happy to have made his acquaintance through this wonderful work….

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