Leave Sunday

From Sept ’08 Spotlight: Eduardo Vilaro was born in Cuba in 1964, his adult face now a striking blend of Spanish, Afro-Caribbean, and Chinese gene pools. As the Artistic Director of Chicago‚Äôs Luna Negra Dance Theater, Eduardo is committed to exploring all aspects of Latino culture, and as someone with intimate personal knowledge of exile and diaspora, he is determined to include Sephardic Jews in his choreographic mix.

Eduardo gave me special permission to watch a rehearsal of his latest piece Deshar Alhat (Leave Sunday) last month, and even in a bare room with recorded sound, the images were evocative. Deshar Alhat presents twelve dancers (six women and six men) in multiple tableaux which depict a variety of moods, from prayerful to self-lacerating to sensuous, all of them haunting. Based on what I saw, I have no doubt that the full stage performance, adding lights and costumes, will be magnificent. Also LA songstress Stefani Valadez will be on hand, to add her thrilling voice to the mix of live elements.

Deshar Alhat is one of three new works featured in Ciclos (Cyles), to be presented at the Harris Theater on Randolph on Fri Sept 26 and Sat Sept 27. For tickets, call the Harris Theater box office at 312.334.7777 or visit www.harristheaterchicago.org. For more on Eduardo Vilaro and his company, visit www.lunanegra.org.

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