Chgo Limmud Kick-Off

From Feb ’10 Spotlight: The worldwide Limmud Jewish education movement has finally reached Chicago, and local organizers have planned a cornucopia of splendid sounding sessions scheduled for Sunday, February 14 at Oakton Community College in Des Plaines.

Registration begins at 8:45 AM, and the last set of lectures concludes at 10 PM. The online guide provides summaries of 79 speakers addressing topics arranged in ten different tracks (Body/Spirit, Contemporary Jewish Life, History, Israel, Performing Arts/Culture, Philosophy, Politics, Ritual/Prayer/Holidays, Social Action/Social Justice, and Text). There’s also a separate track for children’s programming.

Looking just at my own niche (Performing Arts/Culture), many names on the schedule should already be familiar to regular readers of this column, including David Chack, Dina Elenbogen, Aaron Freeman, Sharon Rosenzweig, and Jan Schwarz. Full disclosure, my own name is there too: I’ll be giving an update of my August program on Sholem Aleichem’s Stempenyu (currently available as a podcast on

To register, visit:

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