Day Night Day Night

NOTE: This review was originally posted on Films for Two in 10/06:

The big surprise [of this year’s Chicago International Film Festival]was DAY NIGHT DAY NIGHT by newcomer Julia Loktev, which received the FIPRESCI Prize in the ‘New Directors’ competition. This intensely-compelling film follows a suicide bomber for 48 hours as she prepares to detonate a back-pack full of explosives in Times Square. The character has no name, no backstory, and no explicit convictions. As Loktev explained during the Q&A session I attended: ‘I like movies that don’t tell the audience what to think. I kept her motivations hidden so if you identify with her, you will feel bad about it. She believes in what she’s doing, but we can’t understand what or why…’”

Click HERE to read the full review as posted on FF2.

Photo courtesy of Julia Loktev.

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