46th Annual CIFF

Chicago International Film Festival

From Oct ’10 Spotlight:

This year Jewish characters are all over the place, from here in Chicago (Polish Bar) to Argentina (Brother & Sister) to Communist Poland (Little Rose). There are also three Israel-based films: Circus Kids (a documentary), The Matchmaker (a dramedy), and The Debt (an English remake of a film which played in our CFIC ’08 starring Dame Helen Mirren in a role created for Gila Almagor). As we go to press, CIFF programmers are still finalizing their schedule, so I’ll have to tell you more about these films online.

Oct 22nd Update:

The ‎46th annual Chicago International Film Festival is now history: RB & I saw 43 films in two weeks, & boy, are we pooped! But even so, that was less than half of what was available, so even tho we saw MANY terrific films, I’m sure we missed many too… 

In the end, I saw SEVEN CIFF films with “Jewish Content.”  In addition to 5 listed above, I also saw a film from Argentina called I Miss You & a film from Hungary called Last Report on Anna.

Alas, I still haven’t seen The Debt.  There were no critics screenings or screeners for critics, & the CIFF screening (on Closing Night) conflicted with Opening Night at the 5th annual Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema.  So something’s undoubtedly “up” with The Debt, but I’m not sure exactly what yet…

Tzivi’s Best of Fest? The Matchmaker!

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