From Oct ’10 Spotlight:

A real lawyer appears in the cast of Conviction; he’s Barry Scheck (played by Peter Gallagher), and should anyone wonder, one character even snarls “You’re the Jew lawyer!” after he asks her to sign an affidavit.

Conviction (which stars Hilary Swank) is a dramatization of an inspiring case from “The Innocence Project” (co-found by Scheck and still based at New York’s Yeshiva University).

Kvelling at London Premiere

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CORRECTION: When I saw Conviction a second time, I realized part of my JUFN comment was wrong.  The Juliet Lewis character is initially flattered by Scheck’s attention.  She actually coos the line: “You’re the Jew lawyer!”  She only starts snarling after he asks her to sign on the dotted line.

Top Photo: Ron Batzdorff/Fox Searchlight

Bottom Photo: s67/ZUMA/NewsCom

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