SOFA Chicago 2010

From Nov ’10 Spotlight: The 17th Annual International SOFA Fair (Sculpture, Objects & Functional Art) returns to Navy Pier on Nov 5, and this year’s program includes an opening day lecture at 2 p.m. called “Advocates for the Arts: Polish and Czech Fiber Artists from the Anne and Jacques Baruch Collection.”

Born in Warsaw in 1922, Jacques Baruch lost his entire family in the Holocaust, emigrated after the war under the sponsorship of Chicago soldier Morrie Handman, and worked as an architect for 20 years before founding his first art gallery. During the Iron Curtain years, Jacques and his wife Anne were underground art couriers, smuggling supplies and money into Eastern Europe, and bringing photographs, tapestries, prints and paintings back.

Through their work, the Baruchs helped to promote the work of many artists such as Magdalena Abakanowicz (creator of the massive “Agora” installation near the front of the Field Museum) who have international reputations today.

11/12/10 Update: Click HERE to order “Advocates for Art.”

SOFA CHICAGO runs from Friday, Nov. 5 through Sunday, Nov. 7. To order tickets, visit:

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