Judy Chicago HWLC

From Dec ’10 Spotlight:

Fall festivals are over. Many special guests have come and gone. Now it’s time to replenish our shelves before the winter snows begin.


At Harold Washington Library Center, I heard Judy Chicago lecture on her new book Frida Kahlo: Face to Face. Chicago described how she and collaborator Frances Borzello engaged each other in active dialogue, providing counterpoint from the work of other women artists.

For example, they paired Kahlo’s 1945 oil painting Magnolias with Imogen Cunningham’s 1925 photo Magnolia Blossoms. “Could both the Mexican artist and the American photographer have chosen to represent these particular flowers as a metaphor for their own artistic staying power?” Chicago asks.

Their shared goal, said Chicago, was to “break the historical silence of women about their own experience.”

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