“These memories of Manhattan no doubt colored the way I saw Midnight in Paris in the theatre last summer, so after yesterday’s Golden Globe announcement, I went back and watched them both again. While several critics have compared the opening montages, no one that I know of has compared the final scenes.”

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Khaverim: Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris arrives on DVD on Tues (12/20/11), but I hope you will pause for a moment before you actually buy it and sink yourself into yet another misogynistic fantasy.

We Jews have embraced Woody Allen as “one of our own” for decades, but every time he took another step higher on the professional ladder, he made yet another attempt to deliberately “elevate” himself above from the rest of us. And now he’s convinced himself that it’s OK to project his own voice into Owen Wilson’s body. When the HFPA give Wilson a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor in a Comedy for essentially playing Woody (as opposed to, say, a fully developed character called “Gil”), are we all just supposed to applaud? Am I really the only one in the whole mishpokhe who thinks something very weird is going on here?

Yes, Annie Hall is still one of my all-time favorite films, but since 1979 Woody Allen’s many, many films have almost always disappointed me. Obviously, even after 30 years, those noxious images from Manhattan were still burning in my brain! Feh!!!

Gil with Gabrielle in PARIS
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