WMFC: Daniel Kahn

From Tzivi’s September ’12 Spotlight:

Paul Mazursky was born in Brooklyn in 1930. Daniel Kahn was born in Detroit in 1978. No, Mazursky and Kahn are not related, but they do share a playfully subversive sensibility across the generations. In 2005, Kahn moved to Berlin where he became a member of the suddenly exploding European Klezmer scene. He now travels constantly from continent to continent fronting a band called “The Painted Bird” (a wink and a nod to Jerzy Kosinski’s controversial Holocaust novel).

Kahn performed last year at a party sponsored by the Chicago YIVO Society. His style is the epitome of anti-nostalgia, described on his website as “Yiddish Punk Cabaret.” See for yourself at one of two programs on this year’s World Music Festival Chicago schedule: Sunday evening Sept. 23 at Martyrs’ Pub on North Lincoln Avenue, or Monday afternoon Sept. 24 at the Chicago Culture Center on Michigan and Randolph.

For complete details, visit http://ExploreChicago.org and enter “Daniel Kahn” in the search field.

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