MateoSCTDoc filmmaker Gastón Solnicki comes from a boisterous Jewish family that arrived in Argentina soon after the end of WWII.

Grandparents-Janek & Pola-were both Holocaust survivors & father Victor (born in Poland) was an infant when he arrived in Argentina.

Gastón, a member of Argentine Generation #3 begins filming when his own son Mateo is born, then starts to accumulate more footage.

But for us, alas, everything was slapdash.

Click HERE for our FF2 Haiku.(JLH: 2.5/5)


Top Photo: Mateo Solnicki (heir apparent)

Bottom Photo: The extended Solnicki Family

Photo Credits: Gastón Solnicki

The title “Papirosen” is a reference to a very famous Yiddish Holocaust song, a song Victor remembers from his own childhood. Click HERE for the full lyrics.


Click HERE to listen to Cantor Yaakov Lemmer of Manhattan’s Square Synagogue sing “Papirosen” in Yiddish.


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    • Gaston Solnicki
    • December 2, 2015

    The above isn’t my family. And the film took 12 years to be made, it wasn’t rushed.
    inform your self before providing false information.

    • Jan
    • December 11, 2015

    My apologies, Gaston, but I watched “Papirosen” in good faith, and obviously couldn’t make any sense of what was on screen. And given the number of films I see every year on similar subjects, I have many films with which to compare it.

    I don’t doubt you when you say you took your time and didn’t rush, but when I used the word “slapdash,” I used it with its Urban Dictionary meaning = “held together with duct-tape, bubble-gum or baling wire.” Since I was unable to find the narrative thread, I must say with regret that I can’t recommend it.

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