Berlin Yuppy “Hanna Eggert” (Karoline Schuch) cynically takes a career-advancing assignment in Tel Aviv which turns her well-ordered life inside out.

By opening herself up to both past and present, Hanna’s future possibilities take on whole new dimensions.

Inspired by a novel by Theresa Bäuerlein, director Julia von Heinz (collaborating with screenwriter John Quester) has crafted a beautiful film with great resonance. (JLH: 4.5/5)

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Top Photo: “Hanna Eggert” (Karoline Schuch) arrives at Ben Gurion Airport wearing all her German “armor.”

Bottom Photo: When Hanna goes to meet “her survivor” for the first time, she is clearly expecting someone old and piteous, someone who will burden her with tragic stories laced with self-pity. What a surprise, then, to find herself ushered into the apartment of “Gertraud Nussbaum” (Lia Koenig).

Photo Credits: Vered Adir

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