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Shemi Zarhin, the director of BONJOUR MONSIEUR SHLOMI, came to Chicago in October, 2006, to show his new film AVIVA MY LOVE at the Chicago International Film Festival. Jan sat down with him for a Sunday morning chat right before Shemi picked up a plaque from the CIFF jury, which commended Shemi for his “fine screenplay reflecting the richness and irony of a creative woman’s life.”

The title of your last film, BONJOUR MONSIEUR SHLOMI, reflected the fact that the main character’s family came from French-speaking North Africa. Similarly, the title of your new film comes from the fact that the main character’s mother typically greets her as “Aviva Mon Amour.” Where is your family from, Shemi?

My family, they came originally from Algeria to live in the north of Israel, in Safed. My great, great grandfather, he lived in Algeria. I was born and grew up in Tiberias.

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