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From Sept ’10 Spotlight:  

Starting a New Year…

The Jewish Channel is now available to most Metro Chicago cable customers on On Demand, and I strongly encourage you to begin 5771 with a trial subscription. The five program categories are American-World Jewry, Feature Films, History/Remembrance, Israel, and TJC Original Series. Although I haven’t reviewed everything myself yet, I found the most recent, 20-minute “Weekly News” program (in TJC Original Series) quite informative, and the Feature Film category includes several titles shown here as part of our annual Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema (CFIC). For more information, visit the website.

L’Shannah Tovah!

9/2/10 Update: Since writing this column last month, I have now spent additional time on The Jewish Channel, watching the “Weekly News” every week (a new report airs every Friday) & sampling more films.  In additional to CFIC favorites such as Pesya’s Necklace (one of my Top Picks in CFIC ’07), I recently watched Altalena (a fascinating DocuDrama from ’08 about a 1948 battle-of-wills between David Ben-Gurion & Menachem Begin with great contemporary relevance).

Pesya with Her Granddaughter

Photo Credit: Scene from Pesya’s Necklace (directed by Jorge Gurvich) courtesy of CFIC.

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