Blue Nude

From Sept ’10 Spotlight:  Elizabeth Rosner will be arriving from Berkeley soon to promote her new novel Blue Nude at various local venues. The “nude” in the title is an Israeli woman named “Merav” who moves to California after losing her childhood friend “Yossi” in a terrorist attack.

Once an art student, Merav now makes her living as a model, a profession which allows her to hide her thoughts even as she exposes her body. While others struggle to capture her physical beauty with charcoal and paint, Merav retreats deep into her own memories and emotions. And as she relaxes into pose after pose, I was entranced, as Rosner’s reader, by my window on Merav’s poetically-evoked inner world.

According to her website, Rosner has been active in the “Acts of Reconciliation” project uniting the descendants of Holocaust survivors and the descendants of German Nazi Party members. (Her father, born in Hamburg, was sent to Buchenwald, while her mother, born in Vilna, hid in Polish forests.) Her first novel, The Speed of Light, was a Hadassah National Book Club selection in 2003.

Rosner’s book launch for Blue Nude begins on 9/14.  Click HERE to find dates and times for all local appearances (including St. Charles and Woodstock as well as Chicago Loop).

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