Mollie’s War

From Tzivi’s Feb ’11 Spotlight:

Cyndee Schaffer of Northbrook has just completed a great labor of love: publication of letters written by her mother during her service as a WAC during WWII. Mollie Weinstein was a medical transcriber for the Veterans Administration when the Women’s Army Corps (WAC) was established in 1943. Mollie enlisted because she wanted to serve her country in Europe in uniform.

The letters published in Mollie’s War describe experiences from basic training in the through deployment in England, France, and Germany—a chronology that covers two earth-shaking years from October 1943 through November 1945. Unfortunately the strict censorship of the day meant that Mollie could say little about her actual work as a member of the Medical Intelligence squad. Therefore, although Mollie was in London when the Allies stormed Omaha Beach and she was in Paris during the Battle of the Bulge, we learn mostly about her social life.

Nevertheless, following clues as if they were breadcrumbs in the forest still makes for fascinating reading, and you will want to meet Mollie in person (still vibrant at age 95) at one of the many book signing events Cyndee has planned for 2011. For details, visit her blog:

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