Adios Paula

Filmmaker Paula Markovitch has left Chicago & is now on her way to another film festival in Seoul, South Korea.

She did Q&A sessions after the two screenings of her remarkable first feature The Prize at our Chicago Latino Film Festival & luckily I was able to attend both.

I won’t kid you: The Prize is a difficult & painful film about a 7 year old girl hiding from the authorities during Argentina’s “Dirty War” in 1977. Cecilia’s father has already “disappeared,” & her mother Lucia alternates between stubborn resistance & depressed exhaustion. Altho she clearly loves her daughter very much, living in fear is sapping Lucia’s strength, & she has very little ability to cope with her child’s antics.

But knowing it is a semi-autobiographical story gives us the ray of hope needed to fully appreciate it without turning away. Paula has lived to tell this story. Her childhood travails have made her a great artist & I am so pleased that I was able to spend time with her.

A full interview with Paula will be posted soon. She told me she is already working on her next film, so hopefully we will see her here in Chicago again some day.

Adios Schvester Paula! L’Hitraot v’ Hasta Manana 🙂

Photo Credits

Paula with Jan & Monica under the yellow lights outside the Rosebud on Taylor Street after Saturday screening: Jim (4/14/12)

Paula during Monday Q&A: Jan Lisa Huttner (4/16/12)

With Jan after Monday screening: Bev Chubat (4/16/12)

Paula surrounded by Audience Members (4/16/12)


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