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Chicago Hadassah’s Agam members toured the National Museum of Mexican Art today, & I was asked to do an introduction during the luncheon (prior to the tour).

I spoke on one of my favorite topics: The Far-Flung Jewish Diaspora. To fully understand the Zionist dream of “Ingathering of the Exiles,” I believe Jews need to appreciate how far we have traveled over the years & how much we have contributed at all of our many stops along the way.

In my hand-out, I provided a list of films that explore the Mexican Jewish experience, including:

  • A Kiss to This Land
  • I Miss You
  • Like a Bride
  • My Mexican Shivah
  • Nora’s Will

Click here for today’s hand-out as a pdf –> 12Apr18AgamNMMA

I made my first visit to the NMMA in 2003 when they hosted the traveling “Jacques & Natasha Gelman Collection” (aka Frida Kahlo & Friends). Click here for my award-winning Foward article about it –> GelmanArticle03

I have been to NMMA several times since, but there have been many new enhancements since my last visit in August 2011, so if you haven’t been to the NMMA for awhile, you should definitely plan a trip!

Many thanks to Ellen Gossich (Agam President) & Joan Olin (Agam Program VP) for inviting me, & to my friend Elisa Steinberg for coming with me & taking the pix.

Finally, GRACIAS to the NMMA Team: Mario Hernandez (our wonderful tour guide), as well as Alicia Herrera (Gallery Education Coordinator) & Rachel Blanco (Special Events Director).

Photo Credits

Mario Hernandez (tour guide): Jan Lisa Huttner (4/18/12)

Jan in the Gold Room: Elisa Steinberg (4/18/12)

Jan in the Pink Room: Elisa Steinberg (4/18/12)

Mario with Agam Members: Jan Lisa Huttner (4/18/12)

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