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CFIC ’15: The Gett Trilogy

The 10th annual Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema begins this week, and as regular readers already know, I will be flying in from Brooklyn to participate in a special screening of The Gett Trilogy on Tuesday, Nov. 3. This is something of a high-risk venture for the CFIC, because the initial release of Gett: The […]


GETT Opens in Chicago

Blame it on the Law of Unintended Consequences. By all accounts, David Ben Gurion who was, after all, a secular Socialist, never realized he was giving religious authorities total control over the intimate personal lives of Israeli citizens. And yet, 68 years after the establishment of Israel as a Jewish state, religion plays an ever […]


The Amsalem Triology

“The Amsalem Trilogy” is a series of three films co-written and co-directed by actress Ronit Elkabetz in collaboration with her brother Shlomi Elkabetz. Ronit Elkabetz stars as “Viviane Amsalem,” an Israeli woman from a Moroccan family. Simon Abkarian co-stars as her husband “Eliahou.” To Take a Wife, the first film in “The Amsalem Trilogy,” was released in Israel […]